Friday, August 26, 2011

Ground-nesting wasp, Scolia dubia - by Mike Waldvogel

(Photo:  Sheryl Pollock, 2011) 
Now that cicada killer activity is finally winding down, we've had a few sightings of scoliid wasps, Scolia dubia, hovering over yards. This solitary wasp is bluish-black with bluish-colored wings. The end segments of the abdomen may be more brown in color and hairy. A key feature are two yellowish spots on the abdomen, which may appear more as a yellowish band.

The object of their attention is the grub stage of the green June beetle which spends most of this time of year near the soil surface. Activity will should stop in a few weeks (peak activity should be in about 10-14 days depending on where you are). As with the other ground-nesting solitary bees and wasps, pesticide broadcast sprays are rarely needed or very effective.

For more information on this wasp, see the web page:

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