Monday, August 22, 2011

Kudzu Bug Update

Kudzu bug (Photo: Phillip Roberts, Univ. of GA)

When cooler weather finally shows up, we usually expect to see boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles moving indoors. Most of you have probably read about two other pests that exhibit the same behavior. 

Those of you in school districts in the northern counties will probably see the infamous brown marmorated stink bug. At the other end of the state, we have the 'kudzu bug' (Megacopta cribraria), which feeds on both kudzu and soybeans.  As soybeans mature and dry out, the bugs will likely make their move to nearby areas, including schools.

The following link will show you the latest (August 2011) distribution map for the kudzu bug:
This doesn't mean you will definitely run into the kudzu bug, but this is a good time to plan ahead. Make sure you and other school staff are aware of the pest. Dr. Dan Suiter at the University of Georgia has a publication about this pest:

If you see either the kudzu bug or the brown marmorated stink bug, please email Mike Waldvogel ( or Patty Alder (

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