Thursday, February 23, 2012

EPA Centralizes Healthy Child Care Training and Curriculum Resources

Child care providers have a lot to do; pest management can be just another thing on an already full plate. To help ease the burden, US EPA launched a resource directory for child care providers. It includes fact sheets, trainings, and assessment tools on asthma, chemical hazards, green cleaning and IPM. Resource directory materials can be used as handouts at meetings, placed in staff lounges, transmitted electronically in newsletters or sent home with students for parents to use.

The directory links to numerous sources including Guidelines for IPM for Pest Management Contracts in Childcare Centers from Penn State University which includes Set Up Your IPM Program in Eight Steps and How Do I Know I'm Receiving IPM Services? Another fact sheet, Pesticides and Their Impact on Children: Key Facts and Talking Points, explains the dangers of pesticide poisoning in young children and gives a brief step-by-step IPM tutorial.

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